Gaining our svarupa or constitutional identity, that is, our individuality is most important. Therefore, developing our innate love for Sri Radhika and Sri Krsna is vital. Impersonalism now reigns in the world, along with its concomitant problems of economic development, religiosity, unbridled lust, and the yearning for liberation or freedom, because of a lack of clarity and understanding. ke ami? Who am I? This is no longer questioned in schools. Schools today are all geared around commerce, getting a job and fitting into the status quo. But when people are unaware of the Uniform Commercial Code of business, which is he code of artha or desire for wealth throughout the world, then entanglement occurs. Money is an exchange of commodities, and it is seen that this is the major concern in politics, government and courts nowadays. Therefore wars today are not fought for defense of religious standards but for control of money and property. The control of money is by the banks, central banking and the few who seem to think that they can control the world and enslave the masses.

Just as there is a code in commerce, that is, a language that is linked with admiralty courts, there is a language of spirituality that we must also learn. There is “common law” and there is “admiralty law”, so these two are being confused and merged by impersonalistic people. Why should gold or silver be linked to fiat or paper money? Because it is more stable than paper. Inflation is simply a hidden tax, because a quantity of money is increased and those who get the money first benefit. Frankly speaking, without knowing microeconomics, then one is caught in a Kensian

Gaining our sva…


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