Spiritual Anarchist?


What is Anarchy? It does not mean just chaotic violent takeovers, but it means to live in a “stateless” environment without corrupt rulers. Does this effect freedom of religion also? Yes, of course. Nowadays we can see how everything is being twisted and reversed. Actually, anarchists are quite nice people, not bullies who demand absolute control over our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property also). We should take some safeguards for religion. When starting a business, invest in Silver or Gold. Especially silver. Fiat, paper money is collapsing. Go to the website www.thedollarvigilante.com or check out Doug Casey or Jeff Berwick. Spiritual anarchy means we have our own freedom to worship God peacefully, not enforced atheism or sectarianism. We believe in bona fide Gurus, not just societal gurus by simply diksa line, but siksa line. Right now many tenets of religion are disappearing. Devotees should wake up. Preaching means becoming aware of both maya and the true path of dharma. Dharma Souls ki jaya!


About TP Das

I am a initiated disciple of Prabhupada. I love to write, creatively and also to edit. My love of reading is for Vedic shastras like Jaiva Dharma, Bhagavatam, etc. My path is bhakti-yoga. I live mostly in India. The title for my blog comes from both Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums and Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Jaiva Dharma (The Dharma of Souls). My instructing Gurus are Srila BR Sridhara and Srila BV Narayana. Haribol!

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